we got our little man (pugsley) declawed last monday and wow....it's a huge difference. normally we are woken up by him attacking our feet and us screaming. last night he was literally bouncing off the walls, he tried climbing the curtains, the couch, my leg, and he fell each time...so confused lol. him not having his front switchblades has made him 100% more cute and more teddy bear like. i was planning on letting him keep his switchblades, i tried really hard with a huge scratching cat nip box and two post, and yet he loved doing damage to everything else around our house. i nearly cried the morning i dropped him off, i felt like such a bad mommy, then i went to pick him up the next day (they make them stay over night) and he was already playing in his carrier, it's like it didn't even phase him. he's back to his old ways, just without the damage :) so if you love your nice furniture and having normal looking legs and feet, i know its tough but declawing helps a lot.

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