okay so the mr. sent me this first video at work. i fell in love instantly, the sound of raw music like this gets me in my bones. it's a good mix of jack white and old school black keys. fucking love it. talented little dudes. enjoy.



sorry i've been m.i.a lately, felt like taking a break this year. I'm back and sharing with you these beautiful photos from the ladies of Spell & the Gypsy Collective, love the styling and felt this song fit perfectly.

Via Spell & the Gypsy Collective
Hey Mama Wolf by Devendra Banhart on Grooveshark



so if you don't already know, i've had a thing for erin wasson for quite sometime as shes a fellow texas girl. But this video by free people made my heart skip a beat. it's just so well done.

Photography | Guy Aroch
Models | Erin Wasson | Mark Wystrach
Free People



i had to use this jennifer lawrence gif, i mean come the fuck on.



lets all take a moment to enjoy these two favorites of mine from when i was little, my mom has always reminded me of cher....i'm starting to think she wanted to look like her.



Heyoka Leather’s | Winter Solstice
Photography | Briana Purser
Model | Paige Rivas
Styling | Shari Gerstenberger
Make-up | Ashley Rae hancock
Hair | Jasmine Stelly and Sam Hawkins

it's feeling super cold here, this week has been brutal trying to leave the bed for work in the morning. 



it's the weekend. finally. this was the slowest work week for me, everyone is on vacation already. luckily i work only one day next week. bring on the staycation couped up in my house with my new chelsea wolfe album and the windows open as we are expecting cool/warm rainy weather. that's my favorite feeling in the entire world, being at home mid day when it's gloomy and rainy with the windows open and the natural light coming in, with some candles burning and good music flowing throughout the house. and a glass of bourbon.



so our company christmas party this year is themed, the great gatbsy themed. of course after the movie came out i was expecting people left and right to start throwing parties with this theme. none. so of course i'm going all out. this may be my one time to dress the way i feel when sipping champagne with my freshly painted nails. every girl wants to feel that beauty they see in movies.
i know that every other girl at this party will be wear the usually cliche flapper dress and headband with a feather and pearls. not this gal, i've decided to go more modern 1920's, i guess a little more sleek. i can't give my attire completely away just yet. the party is tomorrow, i'll be back with photos of the outfit i've so carefully worked on now for a month. here's an idea of which i went off of for my look. jordan baker, from the newer film of the great gatsby. 

here are some of my favorites. i know that our company parties our known for having horrible music, but they've gone all out on the theme so hoping they at least have decent and the correct theme of music.

GATSBY SHINDIG by Lauren Gabrielle on Grooveshark



this song came on on my way home lastnight from work, i was on a dum dum kick after hearing they would be in town on my birthday weekend. This song just made me really think of this year and how fucking insane it's been, i literally feel like it's all big joke and i'm waiting for someone to pop out and say "JUST KIDDING". at times, it gets so ridiculous that all i can do is laugh my way to my mini bar and go to bed early hoping the next day will be better. a guy at work came into my office, after asking how my mother was doing he made this joke, "how do you eat an elephant?" "one spoonful at a time." this made my day. one day at a time. or i can just pack up all my shit, change my name and run off. 

anyways, enjoy the song. it's a good one.
Caught in One by Dum Dum Girls on Grooveshark