it's something that should be taken more seriously and more drastic punishment to the ones doing the bullying. i myself was bullied most of my public school years, i was very skinny {my knees were bigger than my thigh, no joke}, my ears were a little too big for my head and i grew in these big two front teeth. this is somewhat normal for a child to be taunted for things like this and it never got bad. middle school, these girls who were never really nice to me decided one day to break into my gym locker and take my brand new jeans, ones i loved A LOT. i had to wear used lost and found guy basket ball shorts, i was fine with it until those same girls went around that day calling me a dyke. fighting tears and anger at school and that second you enter your house and break down crying, which was a great relief for me but no one should ever go through that. i finally got my jeans back, but all torn up. luckily i have an awesome mom and she bought me a new pair. highschool, it was a whole different kind of taunting. i had a little circle of close girlfriends, we weren't the popular kind at all. i mainly just kept to myself, like i do now. i had a crush on this guy in the grade above and valentines day was coming up. in my little teen mind i thought valentines day would be a great way for me to let him know that i liked him. boy i was so very wrong. i left a box of chocolates with a little note at his locker, walked up to him and we talked and then he opened up his locker and saw what i left and pretty much blew it off as if he didn't care. of course in my teen mind, it really hurt my feelings. after that, i hated boys at school. i vowed o myself to never date a guy at school. then i met another guy in the grade above and i liked being friends with him, went to his house to watch a silly movie with other friends. when they all left i was there alone with him. he tried to get me to make out and such with him. i wont lie, i kissed him and once his hand started to move down, that was it! i called my mom to come get me, i felt so dirty and gross. that whole next year the guys called me prude in the hallways and the girls called me a slut. it never made sense to me why they did it. what hurt the most, is the guy i liked prior to that, you know the valentine one..he also went along with the name calling. the next year after that finally died down, i got really sick and lost a lot of weight. when i came back the older girls were coming up to me asking me if i was eating and saying i look like a dead person and called me skeleton. my last day at that school before i literally had to be put on bed rest {due to the kidney illness} those girls threw grapes and food at me in the lunch room and called me names. luckily i am very strong person and just brushed it off, yes of course after crying and having my feelings hurt. after being home schooled, the taunting didn't stop. my own friend, or so i thought. made a website and used porn photos and cropped my face on them, her and her new friend would take photos of them mimicking me with nasty captions. that's what really took it's toll on me and i finally had to tell my mom, i don't know why but i felt so embarrassed to tell her. once she saw it she had called their mothers and had them take down the site and photos or she was going to press charges. that stopped as well, and then came the prank calls...to our home line, i even think they actually called my moms cell phone once prank calling. weirdly enough this girl and i have become friends again but we were never as close and to this day, i will never completely forgive her for that. as for the other girls who threw food at me in the cafeteria, they are exactly the same, but now they just make horrible decisions in life and aren't doing so well. i feel bad for them, but i do believe karma has its ways and will always come back for the horrible ways people treat others.

saw this on the news this morning and i got choked up, no child/teen should ever have to endure taunting and bullying. this little girl isn't the only one who thought she had to end her own life to make it stop. it seems every other month now we hear about yet another young child or teen committing suicide due to bullying/cyber bullying.
Ashlynn Conner, a pretty ‘All-American’ girl, was driven to suicide by bullies at just 10 years old. 
The day before she died, Ashlynn came home in tears. 
Kids had bullied Ashlynn for years, calling her a “slut,” “fat,” and “ugly,” so that day’s incident seemed relatively minor to [her mother] Stacy: The girls had poked fun at Ashlynn’s initials, “A.C.,” saying it sounded like “air conditioner.”
Three different teachers at the school had told Ashlynn to “stop tattling” after she reached out for help, the girl told her mother. It was the Thursday before Veterans Day, and Stacy told Ashlynn she should go straight to the principal the following Monday if the bullying continued.
“But she didn’t want to wait until Monday,” Stacy told The Daily.
Ashlynn’s older sister found her hanging by her neck from a scarf in a bedroom closet on Friday night. She was pronounced dead before 9 p.m. at a local hospital, another inconceivably young victim of elementary school bullying.---The Daily


  1. :( this is sad but now teachers are bullying in schools, two special ed students recorded their teachers degrading them in class

  2. This blog hits home. Bullying hurts, but it always feels good to see where the bullies end up. They are usually not far from the halls where they were "big dog."

  3. Anonymous18.11.11

    this is awful. bullying really effects kids. it seems so easy as an adult to brush things off, but trying to remember what your feelings were like as a kid- very hard to control. i hope the school districts across the nation get a handle on this and find a way to put it to an end.