goodmorning coffee! lastnight was a complete nightmare, heard the cat and mar playing with something by the front door. i turned on the big light and looked what they were playing with and then BAM! a spider the size of the palm of my hand. i flipped, looked for something heavy and big enough...found an old photo board and dropped it so i knew it would die. now he's hanging on the fridge in a zip loc until the mr gets home from austin. gross, i know!
our little christmas tree i spent friday night putting up and had cute little owl and bird ornaments from target. the next morning, i went to take my mom to the airport and came home to the cute ornaments every where in little pieces. i litteraly wanted to cry, my dog {marley} has been chewing things up lately, well since we've moved into this apartment.
marley spent most of yesterday behind the baby gate {time out}, now she's behaving like an angel :) it's her birthday today, mama has something special planned...photos soon.
the mr is no longer allowed to leave me at home alone....it seems the craziest things happen when he's gone!

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