over the weekend, i wanted a late night snack {i was craving salsa all weekend} and went to taco bueno. ordered a bean burrito and their new firehouse salsa {yummy}, got home and got nearly done with the burrito and felt something slice my throat. i panicked and of course i swallowed the bite, ugh. i had no clue what it could have been and didn't know if i should throw it up or eat bread {they say to eat bread when ate something sharp}. my throat was bleeding and felt like crap. woke up sunday morning, survived the night. whew! the whole day i spent waiting for sharp pains, nothing happened. finally felt normal and quit worrying. woke up this morning and i felt as if i had strep, i ALWAYS get strep. i stayed home and made a doctors appointment, set it for 3:30pm. got a call at 2:00pm saying the doctor has half days on mondays and wasn't aware that the clerk scheduled the appointment. so they rescheduled me for tomorrow morning at 10:20, i was okay with it. after getting upset of not receiving my package from asos, yet again. i get another call from the doctor, but this time from a robot saying, my appointment has been pushed to 8:20 am. my head exploded. still felt like a monday to me....poo

UPDATE: went to the doctor this morning {tuesday}...guess what, i have strep, for the 7th time this year.

anyways, here's the playlist for today....please enjoy!
//music monday no.8 by Lauren Gabrielle on Grooveshark

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