this birthday freaked me out a bit, i know she's a dog but she's also my baby. i find myself even talking to her as if she were a child, if you knew her you'd know why, lol. i wanted to make this birthday special, so i spent all morning sunday making her this banner, it came out quite cute! i also wanted to get her a doggy cake from a dog bakery but kept missing them, they have horrible hours. so i made my own, a little too much of it! but it turned out where we could have some too :) carrot cake, which dog bakeries use anyways. we could only give her so much, we didn't want her to get sick or be bouncing off the walls, literally. here are some photos we got of her 3rd birthday, mama is proud.

yes, those are ikea straws...we didn't want to actually put fire on her cake...she would burn the house down.
maggie wasn't down with the birthday hat and photos haha

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