my mom had to go to new orleans to take a class for her job and thought we should get there a few days before to vacation a little, that we did. i swear we ate our weight in food each day, it's just so good there! when we go we always go to arnuad's for dinner, a little mommy and daughter tradition. we happened to stay in one of the most haunted hotels in the us, and of course we also happened to get the 14th floor {aka, the 13th floor}, with the room with the most activity. ugh, one night i ran out of the room in pjs with just my phone and charger...the hotel people made fun of me. when i said that they should go up there and everyone of them said "hell no." as we were leaving, there was a group a cute little old ladies excited to be staying on the top floor, i felt bad but couldn't bring myself to share that the floor was haunted. i got something quite interesting on film of the ice maker, which later we found out is something the ghost {two kids} like to do. i'll post it later. here are a few instagrams of our time spent in this lovely but yet smelling city. i will upload the actual photos from my camera later for part two. enjoy.

//the haunted hotel lobby //the view from the bedroom
//pretty much the two things i wore the whole trip, i am horrible about packing enough.
//cute little walgreens //the casino, i won $75
//there were kitties everywhere! made me miss pugsley boo
//a few shots from the city
//sitting in the park //having coffee and beignets before the swamp tour
//the swamp tour, so pretty! //one of the few gators that came up to the boat
//dinner at arnaud's {so yummy} //my lovely and pretty mom choosing a wine for dinner

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