lately i find myself a little sad, it's not a daily thing or so i think. it'll hit me when i least expect it and then i sit there realizing why i'm upset and unhappy, i just feel a bit stuck in one place and watching everyone else around moving so quickly, yet happy. is this normal to feel this way as a 22 year old woman? am i supposed to want these things this early on? i am generally a happy person but i must admit this past year has been difficult for me. maybe i day dream too much? taking each day as it comes and goes, i try to enjoy everything and brush off the little things. this week hasn't been so great...it's thanksgiving thursday and i have a lot of things to be thankful for. so starting this second i am going to put a smile on and let the little hurtful and upsetting things go. i truly jsut want to spend an entire week camping in the middle of no where, without cell phones, laptops, or any way of getting in touch with the world. just good people, great music, and the warmth you feel all bundled up around the campfire as the cold air kisses your rosey cheeks while the sun sets. i told you i was a dreamer!

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