this was literally my reaction when they said my surgery is scheduled for the 22, next thursday...two days before christmas! for those of you who don't know, i have been having trouble with my left ankle for about 4 years. i never got it checked out because the pain and discomfort would come and go, i had no clue why or even if i actually did anything to injure it. it's been a lot worse since june, so i felt the need to finally get it checked out. we got an x-ray done, nothing seemed wrong. then we got a ct scan and the doctor said i have a broken bridge between the big bone in my leg below my knee {tibia} and the biggest bone in my foot {calcaneus}. this happened while in my mothers womb..i blame her on this one..joking mom! so the only way they can fix this so i’m without pain is by either fusing the bones together or separating them completely which may result in needing to have the bones fused later on anyway… so i am just going to have them go ahead and fuse the two bones together. i will be between a brace, cast, boot, and a brace again for 3 months after the surgery. yay me! anyways, i am preparing a few post for the days i will not be that mobile and wont be "in the mood" to blog.

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