my mother has been staying in mexico for about a month now, she rented out this cool little condo by the beach in playa del carmen. she is living the life, although she is a bit homesick and she's coming home this week.

here are a few photos of hers and mine, mostly all instagram..yes, i didn't take the good camera on these trips...yes, i regret not bring it.
//the cat my mom pretty much adopted at the condo, she named him don gato. //she also makes the best guacamole...EVER.
//i didn't go to xe-hal this time around, but my mom did. it's lovely there. //don gato, i renamed him fred.
//fred and his comfortable self. //the beach, duh.
//my mothers lovely koozie :) //book of choice while there, lies that chelsea handler told me..read it! this line clearly proves i'm not the only one who acts this way.
//sleeping, lazy, fred. //photo my mom took
//playa del carmen //lovely couple i spotted in town.
//my driver from the airport, sexting and driving. //photo my mom took.
and i came home to this little man, pugsley bones.

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