welp, i think my streak of not being at the doctors office has ended. i fear i have or i am fighting off strep throat. if you don't know already, i am the queen of getting strep, last year i got it 8 times...8! after my surgery i quit getting sick, guessing from not doing anything and taking it easy. i was due to get my tonsils removed last year but then my ankle issue came up and that seemed a bit more important. thinking September is a good time to get them out.

little miss sunshine seems to always cheer me up. if i have children, i hope they are like olive. oh, and the soundtrack is amazing.
happy monday everyone.

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  1. I'm getting my tonsils taken out in june. i got strep 7 times this past year and they swell up every time i get remotely sick and hold infection. not fun. wish we could do it at the same time haha. ill give you pointers on recovery