this song came on on my way home lastnight from work, i was on a dum dum kick after hearing they would be in town on my birthday weekend. This song just made me really think of this year and how fucking insane it's been, i literally feel like it's all big joke and i'm waiting for someone to pop out and say "JUST KIDDING". at times, it gets so ridiculous that all i can do is laugh my way to my mini bar and go to bed early hoping the next day will be better. a guy at work came into my office, after asking how my mother was doing he made this joke, "how do you eat an elephant?" "one spoonful at a time." this made my day. one day at a time. or i can just pack up all my shit, change my name and run off. 

anyways, enjoy the song. it's a good one.
Caught in One by Dum Dum Girls on Grooveshark

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