so our company christmas party this year is themed, the great gatbsy themed. of course after the movie came out i was expecting people left and right to start throwing parties with this theme. none. so of course i'm going all out. this may be my one time to dress the way i feel when sipping champagne with my freshly painted nails. every girl wants to feel that beauty they see in movies.
i know that every other girl at this party will be wear the usually cliche flapper dress and headband with a feather and pearls. not this gal, i've decided to go more modern 1920's, i guess a little more sleek. i can't give my attire completely away just yet. the party is tomorrow, i'll be back with photos of the outfit i've so carefully worked on now for a month. here's an idea of which i went off of for my look. jordan baker, from the newer film of the great gatsby. 

here are some of my favorites. i know that our company parties our known for having horrible music, but they've gone all out on the theme so hoping they at least have decent and the correct theme of music.

GATSBY SHINDIG by Lauren Gabrielle on Grooveshark

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